Saturday, September 13, 2014

2015 Speakers (some of them), cost, dates

Plans spilled over, and 2015's Albuquerque ALLive is already taking form.

Marta Pires (if all goes well and as intended) will be here from Lisbon, Portugal, with her daughter.

Alex Polikowsky, who organized two Always Learning Live events in Minnesota and spoke at both will come and speak in Albuquerque!

Kirby Dodd, who can't come in 2014, is planning ahead for 2015.

I hope Rose Sorooshian (and maybe her mom) will be here in 2015, too. Her life is rolling along busily and nothing will be sure for a while.


I expect the cost of rooms and registration to be the same, if no giant inflation or craziness comes, so you can make plans based on this year's costs, and even dates.


December 27-30, 2015 will fall on Sunday through Wednesday.